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Few things are as traumatic and life altering as going through an Olympia divorce.  After all, no one walks up the alter imagining that their marriage will one day end in a Thurston County divorce court.  If, however, you find yourself facing an Olympia divorce, you don't have to stand alone.

Our Olympia divorce lawyers are experienced Washington State family law attorneys who understand our state's divorce laws and how they are applied.  Whether your case involves significant assets, complex custody issues, or is completely uncontested, we have the resources and the experience to successfully resolve your case.

Our Olympia divorce attorneys and family law lawyers serve all of Thurston County, WA.  If you are facing a Thurston County divorce, our Olympia divorce lawyers are here to help guide you through the difficult process step by step.  We will be by your side one stair at a time.

We know that many of our clients are anxious and even a bit scared when they first contact our offices.  We want you to understand your options, and it all begins with us listening to you and learning about your unique circumstances.  Your goals are our goals.

Our Washington State divorce and family law lawyers service clients throughout Thurston County and the Greater Puget Sound Region.  From our offices in Olympia, we help divorce clients Lakewood,

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Our Olympia divorce attorneys begin every case by listening carefully to our client.

The cornerstone of our Olympia family law and divorce practice is working closely with our clients to set achievable goals from the onset of their case, and then achieving them.  We start every off Thurston County family law matter by listening closely to our client.

No one knows more about themselves and their family then our clients.  After learning more about their specific facts and circumstances, we then work with them to develop a set of priorities.  Over the years, we have learned that understanding our clients' needs and goals is one of the most important first steps in being able to successfully assist them.

These priorities form the backbone of our strategy from day one.  This is critical because it is important to set and work towards specific goals from the onset of your case.  Washington State divorce law is complicated.  And, divorce is often a long and drawn out process.

But it absolutely vital that the basic foundation for your goals be set and worked towards from day one.  This is because what transpires early in your divorce proceedings often has a tremendous impact on how your case is ultimately resolved.  Most Thurston County divorce cases go through three fairly distinct stages.

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The three stages of your divorce case.

Most Thurston County divorce cases go through three stages.  The first stage is the "Temporary Orders" stage.  During this stage, many preliminary matters must be resolved.  Who will stay in the primary residence?  Who will have primary residential custody of the children?  What will the Parenting Plan look like?  Who will pay what bills?  Who will have use of what property? 

If the parties cannot agree on these issues, a commissioner will decide them at a "Temporary Motions Hearing" after considering evidence from both parties.

The second stage of your case will be the discovery and negotiations stage.  During this stage, documents and information regarding income, assets, pensions, etc. need to be produced.  Issues surrounding custody and visitation are often also explored.  As a fuller picture is developed, negotiations often commence with the hope of avoiding a full blown Thurston County divorce trial.

The third stage actually begins a couple of months before your trial date.  If the parties have been unable to resolve the matter through negotiations, trial preparation begins.  The parties may also be required to attend mediation. 

During this stage, negotiations often intensify as the trial date approaches.  If your case remains unresolved, a judge will listen to the evidence and enter final orders.  This will bring your case to a close.  If your case needs to go to trial, our Olympia divorce attorneys will be ready.

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Olympia divorce lawyer Laurie G. Robertson and the Thurston County family law attorneys who work with her serve clients throughout Western Washington.  If you are looking for an Thurston County divorce attorney who serves Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Lakewood, and all surrounding communities, we encourage you to give us a call for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.